Large Gauge Knitting Needles


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We have been given a lot of knitting needles to sell for our fundraising. There are several manufacturers, most of the sizes and 5 different lengths. We have detailed below what we have available in larger unusual gauges. Please send a message if you would like a particular pair of needles from the descriptions given on the drop down menu.

We have our more common sized needles for sale on our eBay charity store rosieinstitches2010

Each pair of needles is individually priced plus postage and packaging

As of 1st January we have in stock

Seoil wools

Seoil wools

6mm UK size 4

7mm and 7½mm UK size 1 US size 11 and UK size 2 US size 10½ 30cm long  “Seoil wools” green plastic needles

6½mm UK Size 3 US size 10 or J 25cm long “Seoil wools” green plastic knitting needles

6mm UK size 4 38cm long black plastic

6mm UK size 4 36cm long green plastic

7mm and 7½mm

10mm and 6½mm

7mm UK size 2 26cm long blue plastic knitting needles

7½mm UK size 1 30cm long green plastic knitting needles

7mm UK size 2 25cm long yellow plastic knitting needles

6½mm UK size 3 US size 10 or J 30cm long “Lets Knit” knitting needles

6½mm UK size 3 US size 10 or J 30cm long Milward knitting needles

6½mm UK size 3 US size 10 or J 30cm long Websters knitting needles

10mm UK size 000 US size 15 30cm long “Lets knit” Christmas printed knitting needles

We also have needles for sale on  eBay member rosieinstitches2010

Additional information

Needle Gauge

10mm, 6½mm, 6mm, 7½mm, 7mm


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