Circular Knitting Needles


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May be used for conventional knitting by knitting stitches from right to left then turning work and repeating or for circular pieces such as collars and cuffs without seams or joins.

Choose a length of pin which will hold the minimum number of stitches required without stretching

40cm or 50cm suitable for baby/infant garments and sleeves

60cm suitable for children’s clothes

70cm suitable for sweaters, skirts (small sizes)

80cm suitable for ski sweaters, skirts (medium sizes)

100cm suitable for flared skirts, sweaters (large sizes)

The twist in the Nylon when coiled may be removed by immersing in fairly warm water for at least one minute and then drawing the Nylon cable straight out between finger and thumb until the nylon lies naturally and inert in a gradual curve. Do not stretch the Nylon simply pull out straight.

Used still in original packaging

Let’s Knit 4mmx60cm

Abel Morrall’s AERO 75cm long 3.75mm made in England metal tips light weight



Used not in original packaging

Plastic tips with plastic cables

1x75cm long 3.75mm

3x 75cm long 4mm


Metal tips nylon cables

60cm long 2.75mm

80cm long 2.75mm

100cm long 3.25mm

75cm long size 6 5mm


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Aero, Let\'s Knit!, Unknown, Pony, Woman\'s Weekly


2¼mm, 2¾mm, 3¼mm, 3¾mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6½mm


40cm, 60cm, 75cm, 80cm


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