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▪️ All other visiting will stop – this is to include all inpatient areas, including the Antenatal and postnatal ward.The Rosie Hospital Facebook Page

Before the pandemic the Tea Bar in Clinic 21 was open four and a half days a week, from Monday to Thursday and Friday morning in the Outpatient Clinic and is run by the Friends.

We are currently unable to run our Friends of the Rosie tea bar in Clinic 21 due to Covid19, all the existing stock has been either given to the local Queen Edith foodbank or to the hard-working nursing and security staff in the Rosie Hospital. Both are extremely grateful for our donations. All the money from the charity box in the tea bar has now been banked, totalling £64.51.

We are unable to say when our tea bar will be able to open again as most of our volunteers are of retirement age or older. We will provide you with regular updates when we know more. We would be able to open sooner if our volunteers were younger. We also need more volunteers. If you know of anyone who might be interested. Please contact Ann Laskey for more details of what would be involved.

We always need help in the Tea Bar for a few hours a week or on an occasional basis. At present we do not have a regular volunteer for either Monday afternoon or Thursday morning. We also require occasional volunteers to help when a regular volunteer is unable to help due to holidays/illness etc.

Please email Ann Laskey if you would like to volunteer.

Our Tea Bar is very small.

The tea bar sells tea, coffee, cold drinks, various sweet and savoury snacks, and hand-knitted baby clothes to patients and staff in the Rosie Outpatients.

Business is very variable, so it is a good idea to take a book or magazine to read if the clinic is not very busy. The Tea Bar is usually open 9am-5pm Monday to Thursday and Friday mornings. Volunteers usually work 9-1pm and 1-5pm but can be flexible about the exact times if the clinic is very quiet or if they have other commitments.

If you think you are interested, I suggest you visit the tea bar. If you let me know what days/times are most convenient for you to visit, I will let the volunteer on duty know you are coming so they can demonstrate what is involved.

Thanks for your interest.

You will be required to make and sell hot drinks, sell snacks and cold drinks and promote our Rosie in Stitches garments available for sale at the Tea Bar and forthcoming stalls. At the end of the clinic you will be required to lock the snacks away in the cupboards, empty and clean the coffee machine, wash up, clean and tidy the tea bar ready for the Tuesday morning volunteer. You will be given instructions on how to work the coffee machine and secure the Tea Bar.

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