Annual General Meeting 2016

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday March 6th 2017

Erica Crouch read a tribute to our past chair, Jenny Hall who died in 2015, which she gave at Jenny’s memorial service on June 24th 2015.

The chairman, Mary Sanders, thanked Sally Munday for her dedication in stocking the Tea Bar, even making sure that there were enough stocks while she was away on holiday and Elizabeth Bowden who covers many sessions in the Tea Bar and if she did not, we would need to stop running the Tea Bar. Mary underlined this serious problem with a lack of volunteers. The Tea Bar takings are down due to the number of clinics in Out-patients and competition from the WRVS stall. The size of clinics continues to be unpredictable but the staff appreciate the service we provide. Ann, our Tea Bar co-ordinator, thanked all the tea bar volunteers.

Thank you to all our knitters, especially Pam, Sue and Rhoda who completed the commissions we received last year. We have recruited a couple of new knitters but sadly lost one of our top toy knitters, Pamela Gardiner. Thank you to the tea bar and Hackers farm shop who keep a small selection for sale and the stallholders at our three Outpatient stalls and the Bar Hill Community Market. The Tea Bar sold a massive £725.80, nearly half of Rosie in Stitches total income. After expenses for our domain name, designer labels, insurance, fees and postage the Rosie in Stitches income was £1,624.85.

The treasurer reported that we had spent £11,780.00 on 3 apnoea monitors which help with babies’ breathing, 3 movable breast pumps and 10 cots. We have received donations of £250.00 from the Cambridge Building Society and £375 from a family.

Anna Shasha, Head of Midwifery, expressed her appreciation of the equipment we had bought. The wooden cots look lovely. She suggested that we could provide small things like transfers on walls which make a huge difference to the appearance of the rooms.

It had been a busy year at the Rosie with about 6000 babies delivered. They are surprised that with the new houses being built, this number hasn’t increased but think that more babies will probably be born in 2-3 years time as people settle in. In Sarah Ward, the ante-natal ward, a pilot scheme has been introduced to allow dads to stay overnight with their partners, particularly when mums are being induced. This seems to be working well.

130-150 women use the Birthing Centre every month. Some need to be transferred to the delivery unit if there are complications. The delivery unit and pool room have been refurbished and look much nicer. 2 rooms have been created for mums with poor outcomes eg a still birth. These have been sound-proofed so that bereaved parents can’t hear new born babies and people are satisfied.

Anna has been asking for more midwives for the last 4 years and has at last been allowed 9 additional midwives and 6 maternity support workers.

The Charles Wolfson Ward is for transitional care for mums and babies who have been in hospital for a lengthy stay and parents have given this a glowing report. The Rosie works with a counselling service called PETALS.


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