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We have lots of scarves for sale, all the colours of the rainbow, many lengths and widths. Here is a selection of what is currently available.


162 cm long 6cm wide pink eyelash £3

106cm long 13cm wide orange eyelash £3

105cm long 18cm wide pink/white multi eyelash £3


79cm long 18cm wide lilac with fringe £3

97cm long 18cm wide lemon yellow £3

79cm long 18cm wide navy with yellow   stripe and fringe £3

62cm long 18cm wide cream with navy stripe and fringe £3

DSCF191197cm long 18cm wide beige with fringe £3

79cm long 18cm wide white with beige stripe and red fringe £3

79cm long 18cm wide lilac with white fringe £3

DSCF191279cm long 18cm wide brown and beige stripes with fringe £3

97cm long 18cm wide jade with white fringe £3

79cm long 18cm wide cream/orange multi with navy strip and fringe £3



99cm long 7cm wide black eyelash £3

96cm long 13cm wide white eyelash £3

111cm long 12cm wide white eyelash £3

115cm long 10cm wide white eyelash £3


120cm long 18cm wide mauve with multi stripe (red/blue/pink) no fringe £6

79cm long 18cm wide plain lilac with white fringe £3

177cm long 17cm wide purple “mohair” with tassles £6


128cm long 17cm wide cream with black and silver trim £9

127cm long 16cm wide blue with cerise and aqua stripes £9 (£12 with matching hat)

214cm long 8cm wide grey/gold/purple mixture £6

Tie width

156cm long 24cm wide black net with gold leaf print £3

100cm long 10cm wide brown multi crochet with gold flecks and 3 tassles £3

105cm long 12cm wide black and taupe multi eyelash £3

If the scarf you are looking for is not shown, send a message, we might have one in stock or can make one to your design within 28days.

Thank you for all your support.

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aqua, black, blue, brown, cream, dark blue, dark brown, dark green, dark purple, ginger, grey, light blue, light brown, light green, light purple, maroon, multi coloured, orange, pastel shade, peach, pink, random, red, white, yellow


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