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We have 30 designs of matinees in our catalogue. Please look at our jumpers and cardigans too.

If the item you would like is out of stock, send an email and your item will be dispatched in 28 days.

Commissions taken for larger sizes, please send an email and if we cannot deliver all items within 28 days you will be notified.

Prices will be negotiated with the customer

Please refer to our size chart and price list for guidance

Sizes ranging from premature to 1 year with prices starting at £5

The following is a selection from our catalogue

9/02.005.020 Round neck raglan sleeves ribbon fastening

9/04.005.021 Round neck raglan sleeves patterned knit

9/02.005.017 Round neck patterned hemline

9/02.005.013 Round neck lacy knit

9/02.005.010 Round neck patterned yoke

9/02.005.009 Plain yoke patterned skirt

9/09.005.027 Round neck raglan sleeves patterned

9/02.005.018 Round neck raglan sleeves striped

9/13.005.028 V neck cardigan sleeves, lacy skirt

9/06.005.025 round neck with collar lacy pattern

9/09.005.025 Round neck lacy arms and skirt V neck cardigan sleeves, lacy skirt

9/02.005.008 Round neck yoke sleeves

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teal green, aqua, aubergine, black, blue, brown, cream, dark blue, dark brown, dark green, dark purple, green, grey, light blue, light brown, light green, light purple, maroon, multi coloured, orange, peach, pink, red, violet, white, yellow


Collar, round, V, Yoke

Pattern style

pattern, plain


0 to 2 months, 0 to 3 months, 3 to 6 months, 6 to 12 months, New born, Premature

Sleeve style

cardigan, off the shoulder, raglan, yoke


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