Annual General Meeting

You are cordially invited to our AGM

Find out what pieces of medical equipment we purchased with your donations in 2017 and what other items were bought to help make the Rosie a more comfortable environment for mothers and babies at our

Annual General Meeting

on Monday 5th March

at 12.30pm to 2.30pm

in the Green Room,

of the Rosie Maternity Unit at Addenbrooke’s

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  1. Rosie in Stitches

    At our Annual General Meeting we found out what pieces of medical equipment we have purchased and other items to help make the Rosie a more comfortable environment for mothers and babies.

    A Friend who has been a member for many years and was Treasurer in the 1970s said that “it is incredible the amounts of money being raised by The Friends of the Rosie compared with what we were raising in the 1970s.

    The staff at the Rosie expressed their huge thanks for the equipment The Friends of the Rosie have purchased. They and the patients in the outpatient department appreciate the tea bar being so close to the clinics.

    Helen Shelly from the Transitional Ward, formerly known as Christine and now called Charles Wolfsen ward in recognition of the large donation he contributed to its refurbishment, explained that the new ward will have 12 mothers staying with their babies who are about to be allowed home after prolonged illness. The mums can begin to care for them on their own and gain confidence before going home. There is one side room with a double bed and 3 single side rooms then two 4 bedded areas. The ward is staffed with neonatal and nursery nurses freeing up the midwives for the delivery unit and the birth centre. They are grateful for the three handheld pulse and oxygen monitors and the three breast pumps that The Friends of the Rosie purchased.

    Jan Butler, the Consultant Midwife, who is responsible for leadership and service development, spoke about the upgrading of the old Rosie wards making them more spacious. The wards now have a 5-bed area and more side rooms which have all been redecorated. Lady Mary is larger with 27 beds. Sara ward is now an antenatal ward and Daphne ward is now the gynaecological ward.

    The midwives at the Rosie Birth Centre and from the community thanked us for the billimeters which are allowing babies to be cared for at home safely. The suturing bed, which has been designed for the purpose, means women can stay in the birth centre for suturing and have a positive birthing experience.

    The ladies coming in for their 36-week antenatal assessment and prebirth visit are surprised at how nice the birthing centre is and are surprised that such an excellent facility is provided by the NHS.

    1400 women are now using the Rosie birthing centre each year with a typical stay of 12-24 hours after the birth of their baby.

    The Delivery unit is there for intensive care and is now in need of upgrading with more equipment. ACT is paying for the upgrade of the bith pool room, with a new pool guaranteed for 15 years. The Friends have been asked to contribute towards the purchase of a hoist so that women with special needs can make use of the pool.

    During 2014 The Friends of the Rosie spent £13,000 on audio doppler pockets, suturing bed and furniture for the Daphne ward and Charles Wolfson ward refurbishment. Our income from the tea bar, Rosie in Stitches, Give as You Earn, membership fees and donations was £6,231.22.

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