Annual General Meeting 2018


Mary Sanders thanked all the committee for their support throughout the year. Mary also thanked Anna Shasha, Head of Midwifery, for rescuing us when we needed maintenance support at the Tea Bar. Mary thanked Alex Cavanagh, ACT, who we now work closely with to finance equipment for The Rosie.

During 2017 The Friends of the Rosie spent £10,783.75 on cool bags for the district midwives. Reclining chairs for tired Dads, which are being used all the time. A sophisticated teaching mannequin. Money for re-equipping the delivery rooms. Dolls of every ethnicity for the midwives to use for breastfeeding training plus knitted breasts from Rosie in Stitches. These dolls and breasts will be crucial for The Rosie’s application for “UNICEF level 3 – do the women understand the staff during breastfeeding training?”

The St Ivo Young Entrepreneurs chose The Rosie Hospital as their charity to support. They came third in a school competition and donated £386.16.

The Tea Bar raised £2,500 and Rosie in Stitches raised £2,000.

Ann Laskey appealed for more regular volunteers to help in the Tea Bar.

The Rosie staff thanked The Friends of the Rosie for the reclining chairs, the refurbishments and the conference fees.

Anna Shasha gave a huge thank you. “We totally appreciate the value of the help that The Friends of the Rosie are for the hospital. You are our Fourth Emergency Service.”

We were joined by Hilary Ritchie, Archivist at Addenbrooke’s who gave a short talk on “A History of Maternity Services in Cambridge” Hilary has a museum in cabinets on level 2 which she was able to set up with the help of Lottery Funding and ACT donations. In May she will be revamping it to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first liver transplant.

The museum is visited by schools, artists, young carers and dementia groups. Hilary uses her archive materials to help family historians, and people investigating inherited diseases. She holds The Creed, a register of births records from 1936 to 2000.

Hilary’s talk told us about the milk kitchen on Newmarket Road in 1906 and the work of the County Council pushing for hospital admission for pregnant women in the 1930s. In 1936 a 20 bed maternity unit was established on Mill Road.

In 1948, the NHS started, and in the 1950s a new site was purchased at Hills Road. The first phase was built in 1961 providing an outpatient department, the A block and the X-ray block. The Queen came to open the new hospital in 1962. The second phase was built in the 1970s providing the C blocks and the D blocks plus the landmark chimney. It was the late 1970s when the third phase was developed.

The maternity unit was planned for early in the 1980s and up to the 1990s and David Robinson got involved to ensure that the unit went ahead.

On 5th October 1983 the Rosie Hospital opened and in the first 6 months the midwives delivered 3 sets of triplets and 9 sets of twins.

52 years later the Queen came to open the new Rosie Birth Centre. The nurse who greeted her in 1962 was invited back to greet the Queen for a second time.

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