Annual General Meeting 2021

Unfortunately we are unable to hold an AGM again this year because of the pandemic so here are the reports from Mary Sanders (Chair), Ann Laskey (Tea Bar), Avril Williams (Rosie in Stitches) and David Sanders (Treasurer).

The committee send you their best wishes and we hope that we will be able to see you again before not too long.

Take care, Mary Cooper (Secretary)

Chair’s report

The year has been very difficult for everyone, but particularly so for Amanda Rowley, our Head of the Maternity Unit, and all her staff, who have had to manage childbirths without partners and very limited visitors.

We were approached early on in the year for money to redecorate a private room, which we were happy to support, but the cost was not forthcoming. We also agreed to pay for lounger-type chairs to enable Dads to stay more comfortably overnight, but the costs of these were not confirmed. Probably partners were not allowed to stay over during the Pandemic.

We are in contact with all our Committee members, but as we are unable to run our Teabar, the only committee member to have had a remarkably successful year has been our Rosie in Stitches member working remotely with knitters, finding new volunteer crafters and conducting very successful online sales. We all hope this coming year will be more productive for us all.

Mary Sanders (Chair)

Rosie tea-bar report

On March 17th 2020 our Rosie tea-bar was closed due to the spread of Covid 19. At that time we were struggling to find enough tea-bar volunteers, but a year ago none of us imagined we would still be closed a year later. Sally Munday ensured our food stocks were not wasted by giving most of it to the Queen Edith’s food bank. Clinic staff were delighted to be given some of the chocolate items.

The rate of Covid infection is now decreasing. Covid vaccinations have been given to nearly everyone over 70 years and NHS staff. Vaccinations for the 65 to 70- year-olds plus second injections are starting. We are lucky as Cambridge has had far fewer cases than many other locations but 115 people have died here. However, it is still very uncertain when we should re-open the Rosie tea-bar. One additional problem we have working in a maternity hospital is that none of the Covid vaccinations have been tested to ensure they are safe for pregnant women.

Our tea-bar has been much appreciated by patients and staff in the past. It will be great when we are once again able to open but only when it is safe for everyone.

Rosie in Stitches report

2020 was an unusual year for everyone. Most people suffered in some respect. However, lockdown was favourable for Rosie in Stitches. People are tidying out their cupboards, so we are receiving donations too. One customer gave us a car full of children’s clothes which we have sold in bundles on eBay making £22.

With only 3 months of trading from the Tea Bar the customers there still raised £209.60.

With the public only able to shop online, and no work to go to, they were taking up crafts and new ventures. One customer is selling gift hampers and is buying toys from us to include in the hampers. We had 108 new customers and 5 repeat online customers. We were commissioned to make larger sized clothes than we regularly have in our catalogue. A blanket and 2 shawls for one family. Avril designed dolls clothes for a cloth doll. The customer kindly sent us photos of the clothes on the doll. Another customer shared a photo of her daughter with one of our dog toys. Special thanks for answering the calls to complete commissions go this year to Sue, Sue, Rosemary, Pat and Avril.

We sold £811.31 of second hand items through our eBay charity store Rosieinstitches2010. Craft books on Amazon raised £16.21. Toys sold through our Website and Facebook marketplaces raised £84.98.

With the rounding up for charity offered by Paypal we received donations of £3,025.87.

We had three pop up shops in the year raising £100. Our knitters were selling their wares to friends and relations and raised a further £80. My son sold Easter toys at work for £48.50.

After expenses for eBay and Paypal fees, postage, packaging and insurance we made £3,955.93, the most we have made since our last record year, 2012, when we made £3,892.39.

Treasurer’s report

It has been a strange and sad year for most people and very quiet for the treasurer as monthly. Statements disappeared, and very little happened after March.  Thank goodness the  Friends of the Rosie in Stitches and ‘Internet team’ continued to function and contributed magnificently to the funds. Congratulations Avril et al.

Unfortunately  interest on our banked money declined quarter by quarter from miniscule to zilch. At the same time we were only able to donate £200 to the hospital. This had been agreed in principle in 2019.

The Accounts can be made available upon request.

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